Goldart® Deity Photo Frames

Photo frames an add to the beauty of any wall and make any place special. Deity wall hangings are very popular with not only the religious people but non-religious people in Indian as well because of their beauty and cultural significance. They add to the beauty of your home or workplace. They have sentimental value and according to many beliefs bring blessings. In case you are searching for Deity wall hangings and Deity Photo frames to decorate your walls and to give a serene and beautiful feeling to the environment of your home, office or any other space then look no further.

With GoldArt® Deity photo frames you get the best quality photo frames in excellent designs, superb colors and affordable price. These are the especially crafted deity photo frames that complement your Deity photos and paintings beautifully.

Types of Frames offered by GoldArt®: GoldArt® offers frames of various sizes and in three different materials. You can choose from the Acrylic frames, MDF frames and the Synthetic frames.

Acrylic frames are made from clear plastic resembling glass. Acrylic frames are lighter, stronger and have a number of other advantages. These frames are long lasting and do not break down over time when they are exposed to the sunlight. MDF frames are made from MDF that is Medium density fiberboard. It is engineered wood product which is formed by breaking down the residuals of softwood and hardwood into wood fibers. The MDF frames are very strong have the woody feel and appearance. The third kind of frames which GoldArt® offers are the Synthetic frames. These beautifully crafted frames bring together classic elegance with modern design. The synthetic frames have the advantage of being lighter and having wider range of colors. GoldArt® offers various sizes of synthetic frames.

GoldArt® offers 90+ different beautiful Deity portraits in wonderful timeless frames. The following portraits are available in Gold Foil Photo Frame/ Wall Hangings by GoldArt®. • Radha Krishna • Jesus • Goddess Saraswati • Gaja Lakshmi • Ashtalakshmi • Durga • Ganapathi • Ganesha • Guruvayurappan • Hanuman • Kamadhenu • Krishna • Kuber Lakshmi • Lakshmi Chakram • Lakshmi Ganapathi • Venkateswara • Murugan Valli Deivanai • Nava Durga • Ram Sita • Sai Baba • Sathyanarayana • Shiva • Goddess Lakhsmi

In this digital world are the deity photo frames really worth it? Well, the answer is without a doubt Yes. One can describe these GoldArt® frames as timeless. They have a certain royal feel to them. In today’s modern world where digital photo frames have taken over, these frames by GoldArt offer something much more than just a photo frame. They have this emotional feel and sentimental value to them which is very rare. They are perfect for making any place special, and make up for a perfect gift for your friends or family.

Pros of Deity Photo Frames by GoldArt®: • Available in different designs and sizes • High quality product • Attractive look with contemporary design and a fine finish • High quality foils • Affordable price • Have precise joints and comes with a pre-fitted clip at the back • Priceless sentimental value • Wide range of portraits

Cons of Deity Photo Frames by GoldArt®: • Not digital photo frame • Might not be appealing to people with less religious interest


GoldArt® photo frames are something much more than simple photo frames. They hold sentimental value, cultural significance and emotional feel to them. For people that hold interest in religion, they can make up for superb gifts. The price of the frames is also very affordable and one gets good value for money. The product itself is perfect with a lot of variety of color, design and sizes. If a person holds interest in Deity photo frames and Deity wall hangings then this product by GoldArt® is worth every penny.