About Us

Anugraha Exports a name acknowledged for its amazing creations in gold plating idols, frames , hand painted idols in enclosed box type and wooden designs. Supplying to leading jewelry outlets in Tamil Nadu and also the original manufacturer of any kind, style of wooden mandaps pillars for all purposes.

Proficiency and craft is innumerably exhibited in all our products. Each product is carefully designed to suit everyone’s endeavor. We are well aware that you deserve exclusive designs hence we are propelled to produce exquisite designs.

Elegant model and craftsmanship ultimately results in the best product at a very reasonable rate. When you are looking for an attractive divine gift and for getting best value for your time, efforts and money we assure you of the best deal in creativity. We transform your imagination to give the form you like.

These products can also be gifted on family occasion of housewarming, weddings, engagements, birthdays etc. Our product range not only has the variety of deities, but also the customization to cater to corporate gifts at very reasonable cost.